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I wouldn't have a problem feeding any of those formulas. I have used Hi Pro, Diamond Naturals (not puppy), and 4Health both grain free and grain inclusive. For a Rottie/Shepherd type mix, I wouldn't stress too much about giant breed nutrition.

4Health grain inclusive is made by Diamond. Diamond has had some quality control issues in the past so if that's an issue for you, both formulas are under the same umbrella basically. I'd go with the Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete out of the Diamond Naturals line up. My dogs did ho-hum on 4Health grain-free (which is not made by Diamond BTW) but I only fed one bag of it so YMMV.

For Victor, I'd go with the Nutra Pro over the Hi Pro but both are good.

I have fed probably a dozen plus foods for more than a few months each and so far, Victor Nutra Pro is my fav.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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