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Recommendation of Food

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Hey all! Learned a lot reading posts here on the forum. I think I have narrowed it down to 3 choices for my pup. We have fed him Pro Plan Focus for Large Breed Puppy (that is what the shelter said they were feeding). One choice is Victor, and I have never heard of that brand before. Anyone have experience with it? What are your thoughts on these three:

1. Victor Hi Pro Plus Puppy - Not a large breed brand (not sure if that matters - my pup seems to be a Rottie/Shepherd mix) http://www.atwoods.com/dog-food/victor-pet-food-hi-pro-plus-puppy-food-40-lbs.htm

2. Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy - http://www.atwoods.com/dog-food/diamond-pet-naturals-large-breed-puppy-40-lbs.htm

3. 4health Puppy Formula (again, not large breed) - https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/4health-puppy-formula-dog-food-35-lb-bag?cm_vc=-10005

So what are your thoughts? They all seem to be good and affordable choices.

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I wouldn't have a problem feeding any of those formulas. I have used Hi Pro, Diamond Naturals (not puppy), and 4Health both grain free and grain inclusive. For a Rottie/Shepherd type mix, I wouldn't stress too much about giant breed nutrition.

4Health grain inclusive is made by Diamond. Diamond has had some quality control issues in the past so if that's an issue for you, both formulas are under the same umbrella basically. I'd go with the Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete out of the Diamond Naturals line up. My dogs did ho-hum on 4Health grain-free (which is not made by Diamond BTW) but I only fed one bag of it so YMMV.

For Victor, I'd go with the Nutra Pro over the Hi Pro but both are good.

I have fed probably a dozen plus foods for more than a few months each and so far, Victor Nutra Pro is my fav.
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I never feed puppy food to puppies. I feed adult all life stages food. It can help to slow the growth rate so there is less issues with Pano.

Now I feed mostly a raw diet but with puppies I feed part of the diet as a good adult dog kibble to be certain they are getting all the minerals and vitamins they should have. I may be well off on that.. but my puppy has grown well. Oh and due to Kibble and raw each requiring a different Ph in the gut to be digested I feed on at night and the other in the morning.
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