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Recessed vulva

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Hi there, my Rhodesian ridgeback has a recessed vulva. She is an old girl now so surgery is not an option. It has only recently become an issue. Keen in any advice around cleaning the area - what to use? Any success anyone has had in resolving this. If I don't clean and dry the area a discharge appears to develop.
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Has your dog been seen by a vet and, if so, what did the vet advise?
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Yes she has and he advised to clean and dry the area daily which is what I've been doing so far.
I had such a dog. She was spayed before first heat. She had a recessed vulva and had Episioplasty surgery. She was fine until her senior years when she started to, again, have inflammation and skin issues around her vulva.

She was no longer up for a second episioplasty. The vet advised keeping the area clean and dry as your vet has and he also prescribed a generic form of Panalog ointment. It was an prescription product so only the vet could provide it (or a script for it). There was no over the counter equivalent.

So, really, the further answer still lies with your Veterinarian.
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