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Recessed Vulva/Vulvoplasty Surgery

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Has anyone done the surgery in their pup? I'm curious the outcome and recovery time. Did you have a general vet or surgeon do it? Our 8.5yr old dog has had issues for years. We are getting to a point where wipes are no longer helping. Nor are antibiotics. We sent out a culture to see what is going on, but the dermatologist is recommending surgery to correct it. I worry because of her age, the fact she has IBD, and how recovery will be as we have a 7.5m old puppy in the house we will need to separate for at least 2 weeks. And of course the $3400 price tag, but when it comes to pet health price usually isn't a factor for us...they have their own care credit card lol. Im curious if you havent done it, would you do it? Shes always licking it, stops on walks to lick it, im sure she hates us wiping it...so it sounds like it could improve quality of life. I iust dont know anyone who has had to deal with it before.
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