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We have recently acquired a Poochon cross breed, she is now nearly 11 weeks. We got her at 8 weeks and started night times with her in her crate in our bedroom with the crate door closed. We did this for the first 2 weeks and after the first couple of nights, she was sleeping through except for asking to go potty twice a night.

We want her to sleep in the kitchen (I have had family dogs in the past that can only sleep in a family bedroom and we are keen to avoid that dependency!) and as she seemed to be well adjusted to night times in our room made the move. Her crate is in the kitchen all day and she happily jumps in and out of it, snoozes and settles happily in it throughout the day, even with the door closed, and as said was sleeping through the night before but she is now crying all night long.

I slept on the kitchen floor next to her crate for the first two nights, to help soften the change as edging ti away from our room wasn't really an option for us due to house size and layout but it made no difference. Her crate is unchanged except we've added smelly sweatshirts from us to it now she is no longer close to us. We still get up to let her out to go potty in the night. We are playing settling music and try our best to tire her out before bed time.

We have just had night 4 in the kitchen (she's been alone the last two nights) and there is no change. She cries all night long, and I think has now even lost her voice. She soiled her crate on night three but didn't last night and hasn't at any other time before.

Please help, we thought we had a good plan in place but are terrified we've got this transition really wrong and are causing her great distress. We are concerned bringing her back to our room will undo any progress we have made, will confuse her and will just put off the inevitable when we try and move her again.
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