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Really Need Help

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this is going to kinda of be a long post so you can fully understand my situation

I have a bichon frise he is about 8 months now we got the dog when he was around 4 months untrained. Well I am 18 years old male its my mothers dog why she got him i have no idea but anyways. here's a little background my mom works night shifts 9pm - 6 am im never home. My mom sleep during the day til she works in the night so her day is sleep work sleep work so why she got the dog again i do not know. So basically the dog never goes for walks only in the night around 11 pm when i get home so he walks once a day. My mom was trying to train him to use the pee pee pad but he tends to keep using the washroom on our carpet in my room in the living room and we hit him and take him to the pad. He uses it on the pad sometimes and i rub his tummy and everything when he does and tell him good dog but he still uses it on the carpet or floor no matter how many times we hit him and tell him not too. Is there anything i can do??? Also we have him tied up because he would wreck the house and when he crys my mom hits him so he can be quite i question he hitting all the time because i think its confusing the dog but she says she know whats shes doing i never had a dog so i dont know i just feel bad i dont like hearing the dog cry when he gets hit

can i get some real advice? i tell her him the dog away i feel that would be best because since my mom sleep for working night shift she dont never take him for walks nor play with him so the dog really doesnt plat all dog but she wont give him away......

so im a try my best to help train him so he wont get hit no more but idk he alwways thinks im playing when im being serious and i yell at him cuz he bites my hands and feet and it really hurts
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my mom would not dare to take dog training classes because she feels hitting the dog until he unstands is going to work there no reasoning shes older she says she know what she is doing

everytime the dog me and my mom are in the say room the dog will come to me and hide or jump on me until i carry him i feel he is scared of her but im not sure if thats the case again im no expert on dogs

also when i let the dog free and its just me and him he always jumps and jumps at me until i sit him in my lap is there a way to stop this? i mean its fine sometimes but im a graphic designer its kinda hard to focus with a dog in my lap licking me

she does beat the dog like crazy she hits him with a news paper nothing really hard but he does scream when she hits him really loud i guess i kinda mess it up because when he uses it on the carpet she will hit him but if she doesnt see and i see it first i just yell because i feel he gets hit enough i feel really bad for him call me soft or whatever but i dont have the heart to hit the dog because i feel he is so defenseless reguardless how bad he acts or gets
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Ask your Mom this simple question, if hitting a dog is the right way to train, why is our dog totally untrained? Please read all the stickies.
i tell her that all the time but she says its because i spoil him but not hitting him when he does something bad and he just gets silly

ohh also like in the nights he just barks and barks until i finally give him my attention i give in because he wont he will bark for hours i think thats due to not playing all day he has to much energy maybe? i dont have a backyard cuz i need in an apartment so thats a downside as well

but i think the dog is pretty smart because he knows when he used it on the carpet is bad cuz he will run from me vs when he uses it on the pad and lets me pet him there little things i notice like he knows when hes going to be tied up or when hes going for a walk i just wish i can make a better connection with him also when i take something he is playing with and he will look at me and when i say sit he will sit and i give him toy back he kinda picks up fast ive noticed but i think its visaversa from my mom thinking i feel what i do non violent is right and her hitting the dog is what is messing things up because since she hits him for wanting to play or being bored because she is tired from work its confusing the dog one what he should and can do
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Print out some of the training stickies here. Maybe she doesn't know there are other ways to do it.

Try to reason with her. Would she hit a child for not being toilet trained and not knowing what to do? That's what she is doing. She is abusing this poor puppy.

The truth is, owning a dog is WORK. If you and your mother are unable or unwilling to do the work, a new home is the best thing for this dog.

If she's not willing to do anything, she should consider giving the dog away. If anyone outside the family sees the way the dog is being treated, they might call animal control.
there are days i feel like calling it on her honestly cuz i wake up cuz of the dog screaming cuz she is being "loud" i told her exactly that before comparing the dog to a child and she said no dogs are smarter then babies... shes not my real mom shes my grandmother but i lived with her my whole life so i call her my mom try reasoning with a grandma they think there right i had print outs befor from another forum and she was nice to the dog for one day then back to her old ways

also when the dog is wondering the first place he goes is to my rooom and i the dog is close he will cry and cry until i open or something i feel is fears the rest of the apartment because o this hitting when she lets him loose early in the morning he bust in my room really happy to see my i love this dog and i am willing to try
is there a something i can use to get the smell out the carpet i mean it doesnt smell like i cant smell it but what i noticed is the dog smells it and thats why he keeps using it there because its always around the same spot i feel he can smell it even though a human cant
There are a number of Odor control/removal agents and sprays that can be bought at a Pet Store or even in your local market's cleaners aisle. Nature's Miracle Pet Odor Remover is tried and true for years.
thanx is there any other products u recommend that can help my situation in away?
is there a spray for him to know where to use the washroom as well? because it does use it on there but if he smells another spot closer then he goes for it

since i signed up for this forum ive been trying to teach him to sit and he does it but i have to show him a toy or he sits and looks at me that means 2 carry him lol instead of him jumping on me cuz when he would sit i would carry him and when he would jump i said no its cool how he starting to listen like i know it aint much but for me it is
ohh the dog destorys his bed lol taking all the stuffing out how can i stop this?

also everyone thanx for all the advice it really means alot
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