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Stop doggy day care and dog parks. Your dog is not a fan of other dogs. Not every dog is happy to be around other dogs.

Taking him off the path, getting his focus on you and having him do a job (like sit and be focused on you) is totally good. Stop letting people pet him and deo not let other dogs come up to you. Have his back.

Socializing should not be allowing every person who meets the puppy pet the puppy or every dog you see to meet the puppy. Socialization is about new experiences out and about in the world and the word "socialization" is a poor word for what needs to happen with a puppy.

Have his back and get him out of dog parks and dog day care. Not every dog is cut out for those situations and yours is one. That is fine. He will be happier.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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