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Reactive Dog

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We have two dogs, a GSP who is well behaved but a little ADHD, which what GSP isn’t? She gives us no issues except her mouth-iness when she needs to run.
We adopted another dog that would have been taken to the pound. She’s a pit-heeler mix and she quickly grew into pit mentality. Her mannerisms are very heeler like, especially when she plays.
We go to the dog park to let my GSP run and play, as our yard is not near the size of the park. Our heeler does well, she grew up with probably 10 or so dogs that she is comfortable around and plays with.
However, when there is a new dog, she will run up and inspect it, but if the dog continues to follow, she looses it and snaps. And then immediately runs toward us.
We notice when she gets nervous and starts to guard us, it’s time to go.
the dog park has helped her so much, but she had snapped more than once. My question is, in the mean time of finding a trainer, would a muzzle be a good idea? Iwant her to know she’s safe and doesn’t need to lash out, but I don’t want to scare an already terrified dog.
We’ve been leash training, and she’s been doing remarkably well as far as not being reactive on a leash. Both dogs are two, and grew up together. They are four days apart.
Any suggestions?
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I would suggest not taking her to the dog park. It doesn't sound like she enjoys it. She will learn that she's safe & doesn't need to lash out when you stop putting her into situations that cause her to feel like she needs to (whether you think her reaction is called for or not) Not every dog is a 'dog park dog', and that's OK.
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I would also stop going to the dog park. It does not sound like she likes it. No trainer is going to make her like it. It should be noted that many pit type dogs are dog aggressive, and heelers are...well, they're heelers. They have opinions.

It also sounds like she needs controlled introductions to other dogs and plenty of time to get to know them if she is going to play with them at all.
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I agree that not every dog is a dog park dog. I had an older hound mix that I wanted to let run off leash so I joined a dog park. He would pretty much keep to himself, was a perimeter sniffer but when certain dogs, not all, would approach he would snap. I stopped going there with him and found a field where I could let him run (owners gave permission).
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