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Its important to know that the hormones that cause the reactive fight or flight behaviour can stay in the system for up to 48hours. So dont expect an immediate calm dog after the incident.

In december knowing the hell that is unleashed every new years eve here in the form of dynamite disgused as fireworks we started Murphy on CBD oil at the beginning of December. Just 2 drops in his food and it really helped, he still responded to the worst bangs (the ones that rattle the windows and make granny pee her pants) but he was much quicker to calm and the smaller bangs and flashes he ignored .

It also helped with his reactive behaviour to things like you mention skateboards, screaming kids, sudden strangers on bikes it meant we were able to use the 'look at me' command and keep his focus on us giving him the confidence that nothing was going to get him. ( we gradually stopped the oil in January)

I cant say if the oil would work for you but I will say that the oil plus the training to stay focused on us , let us deal with the 'scarey thing' has worked wonders, he is no longer the dog who does the crazy dance at the end of the lead everytime someone goes past or he sees a bag blowing in the wind. Not quick , not without a lot of work but its been worth it.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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