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Re-acclimating to heat?

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The winter months seem to have gotten him used to the cooler temps and now with spring having turned straight to summer (for a few days - hopefully), I notice that his stamina is noticeably lower.

Right now, I'm letting him tell me when he wants to head back in. If he's panting heavily or slowing down, we head back in. He actually "asked" for water. He snorted while walking and then grumbled some. We stopped under a tree for shade and tried to give him a drink, but he won't drink outside it seems. I'll have to work on that.

So we came back in. He went straight for his water bowl - so at least I knew he was thirsty. Anyway, will he re-acclimatize to the heat/warming temps? I don't plan to keep him out for like hours in the daytime, but I do want him to at least experience the late morning since he's really awake and active then. Would hate to cut out one of his walks :(
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Sure he will. He'll be fine.
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