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Raw & Kibble fed

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My pack of 4 labs (3) 2 year olds and (1) 16 week old are full raw fed but unfortunately we can’t afford to keep them on full raw- financial set backs due to Covid :(
I am going to add kibble to their diet but I am not sure how much to add. The adults are getting about 2lbs per meal but the puppy is getting 14oz 3x per day.
I know I’m supposed to feed 10-12 hours apart so I was thinking kibble in the morning, raw at night.
Any advice would be much appreciated!
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Make a gradual transition.

My approach would be the following. Sub in about 10% kibble with 90% raw. Be watchful for upset. Kibble and raw digest at different rates. If all is good, stay on this for about 7 days, then go to 20% kibble + 80% raw........ each week bump up the kibble percentage.

Be aware the dog will pass more waste on kibble than on raw.
The easiest option is 50-50 raw/kibble. Take the total amount of raw the dog would get for the day, and divide it in half. Feed that amount of raw. Divide the recommended amount of kibble in half, and feed that.

Depending on how sensitive your dogs are, you can feed either one kibble meal and one raw meal per day, or you can feed a mix of raw and kibble with each meal. In a sample size of four, none of my dogs ever had issues with a mixed raw/kibble meal.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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