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Raw feeding vs home cooked food?

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What is the best and most healthy way to feed your doggos?

I've heard many debates on this topic on raw feeding vs home cooked and I'm not too sure which diet I should give my dog?
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They are both good so long as you do your research. See dogaware.com's page on dog cookbooks.
I fed cooked food to Sassy and Max, transitioned Max to raw then back to cooked when his gut no longer tolerated raw. Current dogs are fed raw and I do prefer it. If one or the other no longer tolerates it then I'll cook for them if possible.

I've found my dogs are better on fresh food than kibble but don't count kibble out. Many dogs do better on a commercial diet for one reason or another.

Raw is much easier. Cooking makes quite the mess. One time I cooked a lot, maybe 20 days of food, for Sassy and used up several large pots and bowls mixing it all together. Dogs were in heaven with all the dishwashing I needed them to do! Unless you buy boneless meats you generally waste the bone which actually has a lot of protein as well as calcium and phosphorus so it can cost more too. I did bone and cook chicken bone for 24 hours or so until it went soft then pureed that so it wasn't wasted. Still a big mess and overcooked chicken bone isn't the nicest smell either.
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One of my dogs cannot tolerate raw, he is fed a high quality kibble, Fromm grain free beef fritata. The others are on raw, I feed a whole raw fish once a week careful of source so no toxic waters to give proper fatty amino needs and oils as well as good source of organ ratios of proper proportions. Sometimes they get a whole skinned rabbit with innards intact for some reasons. To many feeding raw do not give brain and other needed items like cow pancreas necessary for proper nutrition. I make sure mine get it all. I also do not feed weight bearing bones. I do not feed raw pork. Even though mine are kept on wormer and do eat game I do not feed raw wild deer or elk because of neurological/ wasting disease and raw pork because of the worms in all pork products until you cook it. Also pork bones when raw still splinter just all about pork is risky. I only feed meat fit for human consumption and fresh slaughter. I do not feed raw because I can find old meat and cringe that some people do this. I make sure I feed the correct ratio of bone meats and muscle meats. I do cook and pulverize kale and grind in with ground beef days for the replacement needs for the hard to get green tripe these days and supplementing with the rabbit intestines for what they need in the way of digested vegetation as dogs cannot really gain it from eating the source directly unless boiled to death and broken down for them. I do not feed carbs or anything that breaks down into sugars, this is where dogs get yeasty and get ear infections, allergies, and hotspots. Oatmeal bathing, beet, rice, peas, anything that can feed yeasty sugars creates problems and dog odor. Hope these tips have been helpful.
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