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Raw Feeding((plz only post if exp in this)) -- Novices need to know HOW

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Okay. I was swayed to Raw Fed Diet. ((thanks again marsha, :wink:))

Marsha told me of a website, i went, and loved what i read, and **miracle of miracles** managed to convience one of my best friends(who owns an akita, older 12yrs) into trying raw with her 'n his mother's 2 shitzu's... Our problem...

My puppy is 4months, his is 12yrs, and he's responsible for 2 tiny shitzu's... We are going to start with chicken as its easier to access and cheaper by far for us.

Our delimna. How do we go about it? how much? what should all be in it for the first time meal in respect of each of our dogs(the shitzu's are 1yr 'n 3yrs).

We are complete novice and want to find all this out before attempting the change over. ((gradual change over that is, lol))

Basically... we need to know exactly what to feed and how much to feed.
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side note: here is a list of all of my frozen meat products i currently have in my freezer(of course due to them being "frozen" lol)

1LB mild italian pork sausage
2 - 1LB 85% ground chuck
1 Chuck Iron Flat Steak
3LB 93% Ground Round
1LB 85% Ground Round
1LB 73% Ground Round
1LB Feather Bone Riblets
2 - 1/2 LB RibEyes
1 1/2LB Bone In Chops
1/2LB 85% Ground Chuck
1/2LB Chopped Chicken
2 - 1 1/2LB Chicken Thighs
3/4LB Lamb Blade Chop
1 3/4LB Chicken Legs

Let me know if any of this will work to start changing her over, and if so, what 'n how much of each per meal?
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this is the site marsha sent me to..


will check out the site u gave too.
lol Niraya. I am still in the research process. she's 4months old want to start as soon as possible BUT i dont have a extra freezer(apartment dweller here, at current moment). so that is top priority, AFTER i find out how much i'm looking at giving her per day that is(this is where research comes into play at, lol)..

So basically 1A)Research 1B)Deep Chest Freezer ... are my first goal(s). I have a spot for it in the dining room(just gotta do some moving around on microwave/microwave cart, food/water bowls/matt, and highchair plus kitchen table/chairs 'n my desk. lol. I read the 2-3% and 10% but i dont exactly know how big she'll get.. she's a golden retriever/great pryenees mix supposedly(resembles newfoundland puppy tho, but who knows maybe mixing those 2 breeds creates puppies who resemble the newfoundland puppy?? lol)... but she could be as little as 60pounds or as big as 125 pounds. ((she's already 40-45pounds, official weigh on monday but she was weighed again*yes again! lol* and it came up bouncing between 35 and 45*she refused to keep on the scale long enough and i think part of the weight was my foot/knee trying to keep her on it, lol*)).

there is a local meat proccessor down the street from me that hunters use when hunting season is open, he buys/sells meat from hunters that they dont want, or he confiscates the meat when hunters dont pay him for the service of skinning 'n processing of the kill .... I plan to go down there and ask how much it'll cost to raw feed**tip in 1 of the websites given, lol** my puppy, and if he could cut me any deals on the unwanted meat products. Also, gunna call around to local grocery stores and ask them how much their meats are, and when they typically go on sale on the ones not sold .... a few will bristle I know, but if they want my business, they'll manage. lol. I would like to finish off this dry kibble first, that'll give me a month to month 'n half to do complete research 'n talk to knowledgable/expert raw feeders either online or in person even by phone maybe.
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thats okay Julie. Thanks for the info. I have some of the above mentioned meat but my chicken is the thigh's 'n drumsticks 'n the chopped chicken breasts, as you can see in my 2nd comment on this((the 1st comment basically, lol))... you can see what meats i have in my freezer at current moment.
took her to the vet today. official weight is 40pounds. 4months old. great pryenees mix or newfie mix definately going by her size and head shape 'n body structure. we estimate her at 90 to 100 pounds at full grown. she gained 10 pounds in last month(however, in all atraspect, it wouldnt have been a that much of a difference if she had been at a proper weight when we first got her 6 weeks ago. i can not believe we've had her for 6weeks now.).

I will start her on the raw diet at the beginning of the month and start her on chicken and turkey. They have Turkey legs at my grocery store, but im gunna contact the local meat store up the street and inquire about any deals he could give me. i thought of giving her the chopped up chicken as a test to find out how she does on it. if she preferes dry kibble or raw ... this way, no money is wasted and i can use up the remaining chopped chicken that i wont be using. that way no food is wasted(unless she doesn't like it, lol)..... i appreciate everybody's input and advice and links to try out. i am a member of a yahoo group and a few facebook pages for raw feeding... will google 'n research raw diet some more... but i wont be starting her on it until after the first of the month. so i have plenty of time yet. i dont want to over-research but yet i dont wan to under-do it. the vet said to try the raw diet and she'd prefere her to be on raw since i can not afford canned/wet or the 5 star dog food. she did say that raw diet is much healthier and better for her digestive system.
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Great Pyr or Newfie? What color us your dog? I really hope you have joined some forums, lusts and/or groups. You don't just jump into raw feeding.
she's black with some white. mother is supposedly great pyrenees / father is supposedly golden retriever. since the GP and Newfie resemble each other, it befuddles the vet 'n me. but we are starting to believe the breeder was right, she was one of her puppies from the last litter.

thanks for the sites sibe, appreciate it very much. Wolfsnaps and Magic, Thanks for the info. I do read, read, and re-read info. and i dont do it in 1 sitting / day either.
thanks for the info and tips about the seasonings 'n enhanced.

what seasonings would be okay to feed her to give her food some flavor? or is it all a "no-no"? I am a member of a few groups on yahoo and facebook. I read somewhere(unsure where) that one or 2 seasonings is okay occasionally but i dont remember if it was if it was okay or not okay. Argh, too many websites, too many groups, read too soon. I knew I shoulda taken notes!! lol.

I do plan to buy a deep chest freezer when i can catch one on dirt cheap pricing. but it is confirmed, i am moving by end of may, so I may wait until then where I will have the room for it in my new home. ((my big brother hooked me up with the guy he bought his residence from and i am buying 1 from him too)).
okay great. I got a package of 3 Turkey Drumsticks. Meaty ones. Would that be okay? It is in the fowl family like chicken. If only chicken then i got some thighs, breast(chopped up) and legs that i could give her.

Gotcha on the no seasonings. She officially weighs 40 pounds. Would 1 turkey drumstick be okay or should she be given 2? or should i give her a chicken thigh 'n a turkey drumstick combination?

No processing, no seasonings, notta done. Just butchered. It had to be sold or frozen by tonight, so i bought them for a steal and just threw them in the freezer. I wonder if i should toss her a piece of chicken thigh tonight and see what she does? or a piece of the chopped up chicken breast? the thigh as no bone. the chicken breast(chopped) is frozen but the chicken thighs 'n turkey drumstick isnt as of yet(just got those tonight).

O. Btw. I got a ton of hotdogs frozen, and a package opened 'n a package unopened that are in the fridge.... She loves to get those.. I only do them as a rare special treat. Cause i've heard conflicting opinions on hotdogs.
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it was a rear leg of a pig that was uncooked. no salt. i dont buy meat thats been seasoned with salt as a preservative due to having water issues in myself(i cant drink water*had bad water as a child and my stomach wont tolerate it if its just plain water*, so i have to watch what i eat that makes me drink alot due to also having constant bladder infections and bladder control issues).

I just toss her the hotdogs chopped up into bite size pieces and thats before i cook them. and yes, they are only given as special reward treats as i know they are not healthy. lol. I have abt 10 packages, i got for free(they was a dollar each on sale, and i had dollar off coupons, lol) - 8 of those are frozen / 1 unopened 'n ready in fridge and 1 opened 'n ready in fridge. I use 'em for myself 'n my oldest for quick easy meals with mac 'n cheese. lol. its also a great learning tool for her to learn how to cook. nobody can mess up macaroni 'n cheese and to nuke hotdogs and cut them up(butter knife) 'n toss into the mac 'n cheese. lol
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not offended as i take her health seriously and any advice given on this topic is crucial. even if its repeated but in different way.... and i dont know which 1 to give to start off with. my desktop crashed and ALL of my information on it went with it.. so i'm stuck on my brother's laptop, trying to re-find the websites i had saved under favorites. Thanks for the info... I have roughly 2 weeks worth of food left. Would chicken legs work? i do have those. i have the meat i bought in the freezer, so its all good still.... i just need to know which to start her own. read the post abt to start her with 1 pound but is that a pound a day or pound per meal? argh. its just so confusing.
She doesnt really like the TOTW. I noticed she is eating around it in her food bowl. So i tried giving it to her as a treat by itself and she turned her nose up at it. What other brands are just as good but taste better? she is a finicky eatter obiviously.

she loves chicken, turkey, wild vension and bison ..... also want to do grain free since they dont have that in the wild. trying to go as natural as possible. but i am going to hold off on the raw diet until i understand it better.. or at least until she is a full grown adult where its easier to gage since she will have stopped growing. lol.
okay. would a plain thawed chicken leg be okay to give her once a week? Thanks for the info Kathyy. I will buy another bag of dry kibble for her... But do the transition over smoothly and over awhile. She does love her chicken. Would giving it to her cooked be okay, until i can figure it all out and give her more time to grow into her adult weight? the 100 pounds is an estimate, for all i know, she may stop at 80 pounds, but since she isn't even half grown and weighs 40 pounds, i honestly dont know. Since Great Pryenees and Golden Retriever's both grow at different rates and are 2 different breed sizes. 1 giant 1 large. lol. So that is why it is confusing me so much on how much to feed her considering i cant even gage what an ideal "proper" weight will be for her.

She is very lean, but a healthy lean. You can see the hour-glass figure, but yet there is some meat covering the ribs. but dips down to a narrow waist/hips.

But back to information about Raw diet and how to go about doing it with a puppy.... I appreciate the info Kathyy
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yah. She does love chicken, elk, moose, venison, the most. really goes nuts over elk 'n venison though. **a friend owns property out in Montana, and went hunting a few months back and gave me some elk stew meat 'n elk ground as i've never had it before, lol** of course she was given the meat AFTER it was cooked.

i hope that is okay. giving her "table" scraps of cooked meat .... she goes gaga over me whenever i come home from work smelling of fish and chicken. she has to lick my pants n shirt and has to lick my hands even tho i know they are clean after the gazillion times i have to wash em at work. lol.

thanks for the website... i lost all contact/websites when my computer crashed(on bro's laptop until my hard drive is replaced, grrrrrr).
i dont give her any bones cooked. all bones she gets is raw. and i lucked out on the elk meat. He got too much meat and knew i never had it before so it was a treat.

Oregano is a debate item obiviously.

I plan to get some wet/canned food, and i got some of that colored mixsture pasta(cant think of the name for the life of me, lol) i plan to mix together with some cooked meat. To see if she'll eat that. she has gone off her dry food... Since i mixed in the TOTW, science diet*i got free sample from vet*, and 1 other brand .

at least i'm thinking of doing that.....
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