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Raw Feeding((plz only post if exp in this)) -- Novices need to know HOW

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Okay. I was swayed to Raw Fed Diet. ((thanks again marsha, :wink:))

Marsha told me of a website, i went, and loved what i read, and **miracle of miracles** managed to convience one of my best friends(who owns an akita, older 12yrs) into trying raw with her 'n his mother's 2 shitzu's... Our problem...

My puppy is 4months, his is 12yrs, and he's responsible for 2 tiny shitzu's... We are going to start with chicken as its easier to access and cheaper by far for us.

Our delimna. How do we go about it? how much? what should all be in it for the first time meal in respect of each of our dogs(the shitzu's are 1yr 'n 3yrs).

We are complete novice and want to find all this out before attempting the change over. ((gradual change over that is, lol))

Basically... we need to know exactly what to feed and how much to feed.
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Sorry I don't have any specific advice but you should read through this site:


Particularly the "How to Get Started" section.
okay great. I got a package of 3 Turkey Drumsticks. Meaty ones. Would that be okay? It is in the fowl family like chicken. If only chicken then i got some thighs, breast(chopped up) and legs that i could give her.

Gotcha on the no seasonings. She officially weighs 40 pounds. Would 1 turkey drumstick be okay or should she be given 2? or should i give her a chicken thigh 'n a turkey drumstick combination?

No processing, no seasonings, notta done. Just butchered. It had to be sold or frozen by tonight, so i bought them for a steal and just threw them in the freezer. I wonder if i should toss her a piece of chicken thigh tonight and see what she does? or a piece of the chopped up chicken breast? the thigh as no bone. the chicken breast(chopped) is frozen but the chicken thighs 'n turkey drumstick isnt as of yet(just got those tonight).

O. Btw. I got a ton of hotdogs frozen, and a package opened 'n a package unopened that are in the fridge.... She loves to get those.. I only do them as a rare special treat. Cause i've heard conflicting opinions on hotdogs.
I really think you need to reread this website: http://preymodelraw.com/how-to-get-started/

If you don't want to give your dog bad diarrhea and indigestion you need to start simple. Don't go back and forth between chicken and turkey, pick one and stick to it for at least two weeks. You need to feed bone in meals only to start and gradually up the amount of meat to bone ratio which means you will need to add bone to the chicken thighs if you plan to serve them to start. While you're transitioning I would not feed the hotdogs or any other treats until she is doing well with firm stools.

I hope you don't take offence to this advice I have just heard so many people going into raw without fully committing to it and ending up giving their dog a lot of digestive distress because they didn't do their research fully and stick to the transition plan.
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