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Raw Feeding((plz only post if exp in this)) -- Novices need to know HOW

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Okay. I was swayed to Raw Fed Diet. ((thanks again marsha, :wink:))

Marsha told me of a website, i went, and loved what i read, and **miracle of miracles** managed to convience one of my best friends(who owns an akita, older 12yrs) into trying raw with her 'n his mother's 2 shitzu's... Our problem...

My puppy is 4months, his is 12yrs, and he's responsible for 2 tiny shitzu's... We are going to start with chicken as its easier to access and cheaper by far for us.

Our delimna. How do we go about it? how much? what should all be in it for the first time meal in respect of each of our dogs(the shitzu's are 1yr 'n 3yrs).

We are complete novice and want to find all this out before attempting the change over. ((gradual change over that is, lol))

Basically... we need to know exactly what to feed and how much to feed.
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I don't feed raw (and I won't be even thinking about it for another year at least) but from my understanding most people spend several months researching how to properly do it and what all goes into feeding raw. Sibe helped me out tons and gave me great advice and tips and a ton to think about when I started researching it MONTHS ago after speaking with her about it.

No one here can give you a set amount of how much to feed your dog when doing raw. I do know that you're supposed to feed 2-3% (roughly) of the dogs ideal body weight per day.
You should also be feeding 10% whole raw bones 10% whole raw organs and 80% skeletal muscle meats. Which you already know because you read the websites lol - I was just kind of repeating.
Since she's a female she won't weigh anywhere close to 125. Great Pyrenees females go roughly 85-100 pounds and Golden Retriever females 55-65. So I mean while there is quite the difference between the two breeds but by about 5 or 6 months you can roughly guesstimate that she's about half of her adult weight.

If you want to know her weight (and if you can pick her up) you can weigh yourself on a scale at your house and then pick her up and weigh her with you and then subtract the two weights to get the difference and that will give you a rough estimate.
If you're still very confused especially about how much you should roughly be feeding - I would really consider holding off and just to continue reading before even considering to start feeding raw. I understand the need to want your dog to be as healthy as possible and wanting her on the best food but if you don't fully understand what you're getting into and fully comprehend all of the numbers and weights and ratios that go along with feeding raw I would really wait.

As long as you are feeding a high quality kibble to her there's nothing really truly wrong with that especially while you're reading up on raw. Two weeks in the grand scheme of things isn't all that long. But that is just my two cents. From my understanding most people research raw for MONTHS before they even try it.
If she doesn't like -any- of the formulas TotW has to offer you could try wellness, orijen, blue buffalo, 4health, holistic select, fromm etc. I'm not sure however which I these brands offer grain-free though as I feed TotW.

Use dogfoodadvisor.com and search by the option of rating and pick 4 or 5 stars to find the best foods and the ones that are available in your area.

I think it's great that you're deciding to wait and really research and do it right!
You're welcome! Glad to try and help in anyway that I can!
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