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Raw Feeding((plz only post if exp in this)) -- Novices need to know HOW

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Okay. I was swayed to Raw Fed Diet. ((thanks again marsha, :wink:))

Marsha told me of a website, i went, and loved what i read, and **miracle of miracles** managed to convience one of my best friends(who owns an akita, older 12yrs) into trying raw with her 'n his mother's 2 shitzu's... Our problem...

My puppy is 4months, his is 12yrs, and he's responsible for 2 tiny shitzu's... We are going to start with chicken as its easier to access and cheaper by far for us.

Our delimna. How do we go about it? how much? what should all be in it for the first time meal in respect of each of our dogs(the shitzu's are 1yr 'n 3yrs).

We are complete novice and want to find all this out before attempting the change over. ((gradual change over that is, lol))

Basically... we need to know exactly what to feed and how much to feed.
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Congrats on your decision to go raw!! I highly recommend that you check out the Yahoo Raw Feeding group, too (link below.) It's a very active group with some really experienced raw feeders & newbies, too, and it's really easy to get specific feeding questions answered quickly. As a member, you'll see all the correspondence between members and the questions and answers are SO helpful to us still learning raw feeders. If you join, you'll be provided with lots and lots of links with gads of info to get you started. It was a godsend to me when I switched my Molly to raw.

We started with bone-in chicken breasts & stayed with chicken (thighs, drumsticks, breasts, wing meat) for about 2 weeks while her system got used to her new diet. Chicken backs & bone-in wings can be too much bone so I avoid them, same for feet. We've since added pork (I usually get boneless shoulder. Chicken bone is her main bone), turkey (dark meat, which my family doesn't like so I just cut that off a turkey & we'll eat the white meat), liver & chicken hearts (which usually come with whole chickens) and, this week, lamb. I also scored a beef heart the other day that I'll start her on soon. Beef heart is one of the cheapest red meats. If you join a local food co-op, you can great fantastic deals there too.


(ps. I think I was a little snotty to you in another thread & I apologize for that :) )
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thanks for the info and tips about the seasonings 'n enhanced.

what seasonings would be okay to feed her to give her food some flavor? or is it all a "no-no"? I am a member of a few groups on yahoo and facebook. I read somewhere(unsure where) that one or 2 seasonings is okay occasionally but i dont remember if it was if it was okay or not okay. Argh, too many websites, too many groups, read too soon. I knew I shoulda taken notes!! lol.

I do plan to buy a deep chest freezer when i can catch one on dirt cheap pricing. but it is confirmed, i am moving by end of may, so I may wait until then where I will have the room for it in my new home. ((my big brother hooked me up with the guy he bought his residence from and i am buying 1 from him too)).
No seasonings at all. Seasonings are not species specific. Dogs don't need extra flavor. Just plain raw meat, bones & organs are what they need. Start simple with chicken & don't move onto another meat source until the dog is doing well, meaning nice solid poops.
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