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Raw Feeding((plz only post if exp in this)) -- Novices need to know HOW

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Okay. I was swayed to Raw Fed Diet. ((thanks again marsha, :wink:))

Marsha told me of a website, i went, and loved what i read, and **miracle of miracles** managed to convience one of my best friends(who owns an akita, older 12yrs) into trying raw with her 'n his mother's 2 shitzu's... Our problem...

My puppy is 4months, his is 12yrs, and he's responsible for 2 tiny shitzu's... We are going to start with chicken as its easier to access and cheaper by far for us.

Our delimna. How do we go about it? how much? what should all be in it for the first time meal in respect of each of our dogs(the shitzu's are 1yr 'n 3yrs).

We are complete novice and want to find all this out before attempting the change over. ((gradual change over that is, lol))

Basically... we need to know exactly what to feed and how much to feed.
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There were two sites that I found most helpful (apart from DF!)
This one http://preymodelraw.com/how-to-get-started/

And this one http://www.kaossiberians.com/rawfeeding.html

Both explain how to start, how much to feed, what to feed, when to add other protein sources, when to add organ, etc.
I've never used any seasonings, I don't know what's ok. You can get a pan really hot then put the meat in to sear for a few seconds to help make it more attractive.
Both my dogs weigh 40 lbs and they get about 12-16 oz per day. One drumstick should be plenty. Do keep an eye though because turkey drumstick bones often break into pointy shards when chomped. Make sure the dog leaves the shards or chomps them up nicely before swallowing.

I use cut up hotdogs as treats sometimes. Little pieces. They are NOT good as a food source. Treats only. Don't have a meal of hotdogs.
1 - 3 of 42 Posts
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