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Raw Feeders.... This is bad..... (not food related.)

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The AVMA is about to vote on a position statement on feeding raw food to dogs....

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I'm not worried. It's just a position they're taking. It's not a binding law on raw feeders and the AVMA's position doesn't mean vets have to agree with it. My vet knows that Molly is raw fed and she's fine with it. If a vet is going to refuse care for a raw fed dog, that's a different story. I'll continue to feed Molly PMR whether the AVMA likes it or not, lol.
Oh I agree... it is like a medical association saying we should not drink soft drinks...

I am still going to voice my disapproval.
Totally. I think it's a ridiculous opinion, obviously, and it's definitely important to get the word out that it's just a position and not an edict on individual raw feeders.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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