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Raw Fed and Allergies.

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My husband is allergic to dogs. Some are way worse than others but he gets itchy watery eyes and asthma. My daughter got a "hypoallergenic" yorkie over a year ago and my husband is fine with him. A few weeks ago we got a Jack Russell, fully knowing my husband is and would be allergic to this dog...but its his "dream dog" and he is willing to suffer and take med for her.

Funny thing is the first few days we brought her home he was reacting to her...then it sort of stopped. We thought that maybe it was physiological beacause he doesnt really like dogs, but really likes his dog so maybe thats why his allergies stopped LOL. We started her on the Raw food the first day she came home.

Anyways I was talking to the groomer about the raw diet and she said it changes their saliva and their dander and that could be why he is not allergic to her now.

Just wondering if anyone else has had any effects like this after switching food.
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