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Raw Diet (Long Read)

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Well it's been just over a month and I thought I would give you guys some feedback about my experience thus far with this diet.

It all started one day when we were at a dog park and I seen another pitbull, us pitbull owners stick together..lol. I started talking with the owner and he mentioned his dog was on the Raw Food Diet. I really didn't understand what it was at first so he explained. I was very interested and me being me went home and jumped on the internet and did a ton of reading, which did lead me to this site.

I was very impressed from what I found out. I couldn't believe I have never heard of this diet before. It was totally worth the weeks worth of reading. So I went into a local food food store and she just happened to be a huge believer in it and sold the food I would need. After speaking with her for awhile I was totally convinced, not that I wasn't already but ahe really opened my eyes.

So, to start off about the dogs. Zoe my female was and is always in great shape. Very active and playful. Now my male is another story. When we first got him he was very fat, out of shape and not active at all, and he was a puppy, very hard to believe but true.

So now that you have some what of a background on my puppies here is what is going on with them now. They are doing GREAT!!!. I am so happy that I came accross this diet. Zoe, is still her wonderful, playful self. She's is filling out and is looking great. Zeus is a completely different dog now. He has slimmed down to his idea weight. Has a ton of energy and is very playful now. I can't stress enough how great this diet has been for them. I would highly reccommend this diet to everyone.

So now that my dogs are of age I have enrolled them in puppy day care twice a week, more for socializing then anything. They are attending puppy classes now to. So all in all I just wanted to let you guys know how it's been going with us and the diet. I will keep posting progress or any troubles I come accross.

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That's great to hear. I'm starting my dogs on raw in a few days to a week and I'm very excited about it. :)
That's good to hear. Your dogs will love you for it. Trust me when I say this. Do your research and I'm sure you have. Also plan now what your going to start with, I would suggest chicken. My biggest concern with this is giving them the variety of meat, bone and organ. Now that I'm over a month in I know what to buy and what to give them each day. Anyhow, good luck and welcome to the Raw Diet!!
Well thanks for all the kind words and encouragement to keep going, not that I would stop anyway but still good to hear others enjoying feeding their dogs the food their suppose to be eatting.

The only thing I constantly worry about is am I feeding them the right portions of meat, bone and organs. I'm sure I am but it's always in the back of my mind. I feed them some veggies and fruit as well with their meals. I know I don't have to do this but I do anyway. I'm sure they enjoy their apples and bananas. I'm still pondering the supplements and fish oils though. I know some of you do give them that and others don't. I'm just not to sure if it's needed or not. I guess more reading to do.

I'm sure over time I will get the right meals in order and I won't worry so much but for now I'm giving them some bone, meat and organ each per meal.

Also been meaning to take and post some new pictures of them. I will get to it as soon as I have a chance. Kids, doggy daycare, dog classes, work and life, very busy right now to get around to it but I will soon.
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Well I'm glad there are more people out there like me, worring about the food. I am starting to work in fish to their diet now. So far they love it but man it smells.... almost as bad as the tripe patties I buy, which I won't be purchasing again cause it stinks up the whole house. Zeus has a hard time with most greens except for green beans which he loves. Zoe on the other hand loves all the greens well as long as it's mixed with yogart or cottage cheese. Sometimes she'll get real picky and lick it off of it and spit put the greens.

I just try and plan out their meals for a week. I am going to buy a food processor and start to make veggie cubes and freeze them. That should help out with the meals. I think I spend more time figuring out what I'm going to feed them more then my family.
That sounds like a good percentage, 50-45-5. I would say that's almost what I have been doing. I don't meassure or weigh out my food. I did for the first week and found it very time consumming and really didn't need to, so I think.

I try to feed them mostly premade patties I get from the local Raw Food Diet provider. They are easy to feed and have the bone ground up with the meat. Some have veggies in them as well. What I am trying to do now is look to see what other people are feeding their dogs and making my own "menu" with what others are feeding. This way they get a good variety of food.
I was feeding a mix of different chicken and turkey cuts. Now I'm switching to whole chickens, and just turkey wings and drumsticks. No more chicken backs or turkey necks. But I will still feed pork neck bones. They are pretty bone heavy, but my dogs love to chew them.
That's what I'm about to do, stop the necks and backs and move up to something better. What would be best to give them?
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