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My sisters friends boxers had puppies, and my sister wants to buy one. I really don't want her to, as the mother wasn't even a year old when she was bred, they just threw 2 dogs together and got pups. They even said the ones that dont' sell are being dumped at the shelter. My sister doesn't understand why I'm not on board with her. I sent her the his name is sam story in an attempt to get her to adopt. Her current boxer is an adoptee, and she's not trained, and drags my sister everywhere when we walk. I just don't know what to say to her. The stupid ppl even want her to pay for the pup, even though they're jsut gonna dump it! PPL make me so mad. :mad:
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I mentioned that to her also, and told her that the pup would be spayed in the price she paid a shelter. I don't think it got through.
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