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I think one of the most difficult things about having a dog in a home where not everyone is on board is that while you're trying to work with the dog, trying to train good habits or train out bad ones, the other person (or people) is (are) un-doing everything you've done.

Since Aleu has come to live inside, she's started begging for food. She doesn't just beg, she fusses and does so very loudly, she will nose your hand and even go as far as nosing the plate. She finally grabbed something from my mother's plate -read: licked it so she could have it and no one else.

She never did this before. She didn't bother me or anyone else while we ate. she was a perfect little lady. Sure, she may have shot some longing looks, but she never went as far as reaching out and taking food.

I do not feed my pets from my plate. I just don't like sharing my food. They can wait until I'm done to maybe get something.
My mother, however, will give all but a few bites of her food away. She has one dog on the bed with her, one dog next to her table and a cat at the foot. Most of the time she will wait until Aleu is wooing or scooting around to give her something.

"Come get her! She's bothering me!" She says. "She won't leave me alone!" She says.
"Aww, she's so cute. Imma give her another bite." She says.
I've tried explaining that she's doing nothing but re-enforcing these habits. I think by this point Aleu has learned that if she keeps on, she will get something. They know that they can both me all they like but they won't get a single bite, so they don't bother with me anymore.
My mother will feed them one day, then get angry when they beg her another.
She will let them in the kitchen while we're cooking one day, then get mad when they come in another day.
There is no consistency with her. .-.

It seems easier to train dogs than people. .-.

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This is a hilarious conversation that has happened a few times in my house. I'll let the guilty party go unnamed, though I only live with one person..

Him: Shambles pissed on the coffee table!
Me: Right in front of you?
Him: No, I just found the pee all over table.
Me: So, you weren't watching him and he peed on the table. What is the key thing missing there?
Him: I KNOW THAT, I just wish he'd stop.


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OH MY GOD I am right there with you. I'm living closer to my parents now, so Mumble ends up over there alot. My parents were always feeding our Westie their scraps. When I got Mumble, I made it very clear to them that they were not to feed him from their plates. I told them that 1. I did not want him to beg while I was eating (by that point, our Westie would occaisionally bark at you) and 2. I didn't want him to get sick from eating something he shouldn't.

My dad (who was always accused of being the worst offender by my mom) has been great about this. If he wants to give Mumble a scrap from his plate, he asks me if it's okay first (a couple of times I wasn't there, and he called me to make sure), and then he makes Mumble do something for the food, so he's not reinforcing begging.

My mother, however, does none of that. I caught her feeding him a couple times, but I didn't realize how bad it was until recently. I was dropping Mumble off at their house while my sister and I ran some errands, and I brought my mom lunch, a hamburger. I was in the car when I realized I had forgotten something. I came back in just in time to catch her dropping food straight from her plate to the floor where Mumble snatched it up. I was furious. "Don't give him that, I don't want him to develop pancreatitus." (I mentioned pancreatitus mostly because that's what our Westie died of, back in March, in combination with Lymphoma) "I just gave him two pieces of bread." "Well you're rewarding him for begging. Don't do that."

I've been watching her really closely ever since, and I haven't seen her do it again, but she tends to make jokes about it. It's so irritating. And for so many years she would go on and on about how my dad fed the dog too much and would jump on anybody who gave him table scraps. Errrrrg.

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I totally hear you on this one! My husbands parents moved in with us a few months back. Plus his sister and her family lives just down the street. Sometimes I get upset just for the simple fact that they just don't understand how much work goes into it! There are a lot of good things that come out of having family around. Bella always has lots of people to play with and take her on walks...But if they could only follow the rules!!!LOL
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