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Randomly Scared of specific clothing

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My 1 year old dog Becomes very nervous and scared and nips when I wear a specific pair of pants. Has never been nervous around me before. If she can’t see the pants on me she is fine, it’s only when she sees me in them.
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Do they make a noise that is different than other pants you wear? For instance, my nylon cool and quick dry pants are a bit loose and make more noise than blue jeans or shorts.

When you wear these pants will he take food? I would start by making an associative relationship between food and the pants when you are NOT wearing them. Lay them on the floor by his foid bowl when you feed him. If that is too close,hang them over a chair near to his foid bowl. Gradually move them closer each meal.

You could also use high value treats and a clicker or marker.. have the pants on a chair next to you. When he looks at the pants, mark and reward. Gradually up the ante until he touches the pants with his nose.. (this may take a few days).

Do the same with the pants on.

Through this process it is extremely important you remain neutral in your emotions.
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