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I took some pictures while I was out walking Kali and Syd. Kali is on the flexi, and Syd is on a regular leash so there isn't alot of pictures of her...

The road we walked down, it's about a mile to the end and back.

"I'm Stalkin' something mama!" Gotta love that flowery harness.

Random picture. It doesn't have my dogs in it, Kali stepped out of frame like a second before I snapped the picture. It's kinda pretty though.

And now...The puppy. My neighbors who I used to baby sit for finally got a puppy. Her name is Koda. She is 9 weeks old. And I was amazed, they asked me about clicker training because they know I train my own dogs.

That is Trysten and Koda, aren't they a cute pair?
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