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So, my current (and first of my own) dog I feel is my favorite of all the dogs I grew up with or owned (well her and a past Golden of my parents who I thought had such an awesome attitude. He was very intune to people's feelings).

And even though my parent's current golden (who is a big coward but totally content to sit around all day, to the point my mom complains he has no personality) and my friend's two greyhounds seem more my speed (i'm a total couch potato and my dog has a lot of husky), i still prefer her to either of those dogs.

I mean I wish she was more content to sit around all day (for being a lot husky she's really good but I think she'd much prefer going out and doing stuff where as my parents' dog and my friend's dogs you can tell they're quite happy sitting around). And I don't mean I don't walk her. It's just walks really don't seem to do much for her, she likes to get out and run with other dogs or people (not me though cause I for some reason if I try to chase her she will only run beyond my reach cause she's learned I'm not a fast runner and I won't try for long so she doesn't have to keep going. Even if I catch up with her sometimes she just won't run even when I catch up. She will keep going for anyone else).

It eventually builds up and I'll have to go take her to a dog park or some new place she hasn't been or hasn't been in a while or she gets so restless she drives me nuts (I like it better when she's happy to just lie nearby).

So, anyways, I think I'd prefer if she had slightly less energy level though for what she is it's amazing I don't drive her nuts with how little I do when I'm inside the house (I'm a big computer/tv geek). I mean she does go nuts and when she was a puppy I had to get her to a dog park every day to every other day (she's 1 yr 8mos now and it seems I can wait a few weeks before she gets to that level).

But, I still think I'd take that over the three dogs I know of that are more my speed though I'm not sure why as sometimes she drives me nuts when she's really restless (though I fully admit it's my own fault for not doing more with her). For one she's a lot more outgoing, calm, not easily scared dog (she can get scared but if you let her get used to whtaever she fears, she will get over it relatively quickly), can take her places, loves other people and dogs (I love that), gets along well with my cats and other cats she has encountered (at least inside).
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