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Rally runthrough night - Dallas, TX

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If anyone's interested, we're having a rally run-through ( this is a new weekly thing :)) at Stone Tables at White Rock Lake Park. AKC signs this week, APDT next week and UKC the week after that. :) - 7-9PM. PM me fo rdetails.

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What day? :)
Every other thursday. :p I *did* ask if you were working earlier. ;P
Every other thursday. :p I *did* ask if you were working earlier. ;P
I know! The post wasn't clear what day though.

I'll always be working those hours :( Sad Sadie.
whats a Rally runthrough night?!?!? ill be in texas for school all summer in austin, more then likely i wouldnt drive 2 hours for what ever it is, but i was just wondering...
Rally Obedience is a relatively new dog sport, a hybrid of sorts between Formal Obedience and Agility, where dog and handler must navigate a course. Each sign gives the team something to do, most of them obedience commands.

Runthoughs (someone correct me if I'm wrong) are set up like actual trials, but aren't a real competition. They are for training purposes, so the dog and handler see what it's like to be in the ring and can get in some practice.
In this case, it's not TOO terribly much like a trial (I am not hauling 400" of polymer fencing out and setting up 80 gazillion fenceposts for a 2 hour practice and all our trials locally are indoors.) However, it offers a novel environment with extra people and dogs around- it's a step up from the not-that-busy atmosphere of a class but still below the stress and activity level of a trial. Since we have so few matches locally, this is a good alternative, and if you've got a schedule that doesn't allow you to take classes but you can come check out the run-through intermitantly, I'm hoping to get folks who are interested but haven't had a chance to try it an intro to the sport. :)
I'd come if you weren't so far away.. over 1,000 miles seems to be a little far for a runthrough :D

(we're starting our rally class on Sunday. Hoping to get into APDT Level 1 pretty quickly.. there's a trial here over the summer!)
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