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Raising food to feed raw - Rabbits / fish?

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Hello! I live on a farm and have two large (~100 lbs. each) dogs. I had thought about raising my own "raw food", and the two things that grow quickest on cheap feed are rabbits and catfish (or maybe carp). I have a little pond that I've been attempting to raise koi in, but it stays muddy (due to ducks), so I was thinking of building a new koi pond and raising catfish or carp in this one.

As it is, the dogs get fresh eggs pretty much daily because we have hens. If the hens ever decide to go broody and raise thier own chicks, I could butcher my own chicken. As for the rabbits, I'm not sure I could butcher them... they might be too cute. Fish, no problem. But how nutritious is carp or catfish? Any other ideas? I had goats for a little while, but I don't think I'd have the stomach to butcher something that big.

I can, of course, grow cucumbers and other veggies in the garden. Pumpkin, too (I've grown it before for decorations, didn't think of adding it to the dog's food!). Speaking of which, can dogs eat tomatos? Any other ideas?
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I have had the very same thoughts (except not about fish) -- Yes I think rabbits might work-- for me rabbits and chickens would be equally hard... We just acquired 2 acres and I was thinking to have a few goats and maybe pay or exchange some meat in return for the neighbor killing a goat for us (he raises broiler chickens and lambs for slaughter so i know he could....)-- Also How about guinea pigs -- would those be easier? ...We have 3 dogs and it does seem a shame to not utilize the land we have to raise food for them vs buying it in a bag!
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