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I’ve been raising my puppy Heidi for 4 months now in a roommate situation. Initially only one roommate was living with me, but in the past week, a second roommate has returned as she was studying abroad. It’s been utter chaos. Forgive me for this is a bit of a rant, but I need to get it off to my chest and hopefully hear how others got through a similar situation.

When the new roommate (nr) returned, Heidi was going through her second fear period hardcore and just got spayed so she is not her best self right now. She’s had some issues with strangers but has come a long way with accepting people. She’s come to a point where she is typically unsure at first, but accepts people when she sees there isn’t a threat. It’s a critical time where she can learn that people are definitely good. We’ve been training really hard so she can be a model roommate.

For the most part I don’t ask my roommates to accommodate us except in small manageable ways. One of these was that I asked my nr to text when she was going to be coming back so I can put Heidi away while they enter the house. This is so the first meeting is very calm and controlled. She agreed, but never followed through. Heidi went nuts as she is very easily startled at the moment and went crazy about the door opening. We managed a controlled introduction nonetheless and Heidi has welcomed her very much.

The door issue on the other hand is increasing. I’ve done as much work possible myself to countercondition the door so all I need is help in 5 min sessions with them using the door to reduce this. I’ve taken the time to fully explain what I’m doing and that it’s not immediate but should make her calm when they come home with a little time. From my perspective, it’s not ideal at the moment but I’m being a conscientious roommate.

Then tonight, the nr texts me saying she needs to watch her aunts dog tonight. I told her Heidi is super dog friendly but needs a proper introduction as she usually doesn’t have other dogs on her territory. She said yet again she’d text me before she got home and completely failed to. Heidi goes absolutely nuts in my bedroom as she hears another dog in her house. I take her out so she can see it’s not a threat but nr says she’s too tired and doesn’t want to deal with it right now. She wouldn’t let Heidi sniff the other dog or say hello. I tried to explain it’d just take 5 minutes and it avoids future problems, but she wouldn’t listen and said he would just stay in her room.

I’m absolutely livid at her disrespect towards my attempts to make sure Heidi stays on a good track, especially since they seem extremely reasonable. I’m feeling tension as Heidi is still barking at them entering the house and when they move around. Yet I can’t fix this issue without a little bit of cooperation from nr. I feel like I’m in a losing situation and unsure how to proceed. I’m afraid if she continues to disrespect my training, Heidi will quickly spiral out of control and months of hard work will be wasted.
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