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We have two pug puppies: 1 male who is 4 months old and 1 female who is 2 months old. The female plays by biting as I assume she did with her littermates. The male bites back - probably a little playing and probably some in defense. He plays with other older dogs and their playing is basically chasing and tumbling. The female has bit the male enough that he has 2 large scabs on his chin - since that's what she can reach. The vet just says to keep them basically apart until that heals and she gets a little older. We're hoping that in a month they'll calm down as she'll be a little older and more his size. They don't like to be apart and she likes to sleep on him.

Is this playing or fighting? The vet also says that puppies at that age don't understand aggression, so why do they seem to fight??

Any advice? Help!
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