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Rainy Day Fun

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It was gross out all day here. So I decided to do some trick training/reminding with Kimma. Here's a video :)

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Wow, she's great! You gave me some ideas for Roxie too ^^ Is her breed known for intelligence?
Thanks!!! She's just full of energy and shaping/other training games are how I tire her out - especially on days like today!

Nope! Her breed is known for their inability to be trained, really, and they are smart in that Northern Breed sort of way. So only when it benefits them :p

I think there has been one ever to get a CDX, for example, and I do believe that specific Finkie did go on to earn higher obedience titles (not sure how high). There has also only been one ever to get their RAE, and none have gotten even close to a MACH or high agility title.

But Kimma really is a bit of an anomaly as far as Finnish Spitz go, and has been described by more than one trainer as a "Border Collie in Spitz clothing." I think I'm turning my boy in to one of those, too, so maybe it's just me - I end up making dogs go crazy and crave training all of the time LOL.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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