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Rabies vaccine reaction

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Is it posible for a dog who has never had a reaction have when in sometime in their lives?my dog got her 's today she broke out with a little hives so they had to give her a cortisone and benadyl shot,and hydraxine pills.
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Yes , Rabies vaccine is known to cause serious side effects in some dogs. If your dog has had Rabies vaccine in the past and had no reaction it could be this dose was from a different pharmaceutical company than what was given in the past with no reaction. Your Vet will have a record showing the vaccine mfg.

Best , oldhounddog
Most allergies happen only after a dog/person has repeatedly been exposed to something.So a dog that never had an allergic reaction to chicken, for instance, can develop an allergy to it after years. Or sometimes it is the carrier in the vaccine that causes the reaction.
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