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Rabies Shot Question for Puppy Crossing USA to Canada and back

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Hey everyone!

So I'll be flying home this holiday and taking my puppy with me. He'll be EXACTLY 12 weeks (to the day) when I fly from the US into Canada, which is still under 3 months and according to this link I won't need a Rabies vaccination:


However, I will be returning into the US (driving across the border though) when he is 14 weeks old. According to this link they will need it upon return:


Stating that I will be allowed to bring him back, so long as he will be 'confined' at the location of my choice (back at my residence in the US in this case). I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience travelling with a puppy around this threshold age.

Should I have him vaccinated when I am visiting in Canada? Should I just wait until I return to the US and keep him confined until then?

Thanks for you advice!
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I would not want to vaccinate for rabies that young. I would wait until you return to the US and keep him confined. Pretty much unless he's playing with skunks and bats, he's not going to get rabies.
dont vaccinate in canada, many canadian vets (where i live) will not look at dogs or puppies if they';ve been to an american vet. unless of course life threatening.

if they do there will be an additional charge, also canada is very expensive for vet, for me rabis was 100$ to walk INTO the vet and 95$ for the shot.

This is why i go across the boarder to Michigan to the vet

*disclaimer yes i realize this isnt ALL of canada but i choose to give MY STORY of where i LIVE to help OTHERS.
Don't count on the actual border officials to know the ins and out of the regulations. If you're going to choose not to vaccinate, print out a copy of those links and take them with you just in case.

I'd also ask your veterinarian who your local USDA official is in charge of health certificates/travel documents and call them to speak to them before you go. Sometimes regulations change before they are available or updated online and the USDA person should (in theory at least) have the most up to date information.
Just thought I'd reply in case anyone comes across this in the future...

In order to fly, I required a health certificate from the vet just to show they were up to date on their vaccinations and healthy. I was also sure to get them to mention he was too young for a rabies shot. Once I got into Canada, I had to get him through border customs at the airport which also required a copy of his health certificate and proof of being too young for rabies in order to clear him. The woman initially said 8 months, then 8 weeks, but then I pointed her to the link which said 3 months, so she ok'd it.

However driving back across the border was much simpler. I crossed the border from Ontario to New York in the middle of the night, with my pup in his crate in the front seat beside me, and the border guard never even asked about him. He looked in, saw him, asked me questions about my passport, and sent me on my way.
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