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Quick release buckles

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I fell down a little rabbit hole looking at personalized dog collars on Etsy, sigh. I want to order something for Rusty, and a quick release buckle seems like a good idea. How do those work? Rusty doesn't pull in general, but possums happen. Is a quick release buckle something that will pop open if he runs off after a critter or if I'm trying to restrain him from one? I use a harness for most of his walks, but the collar will get some use from time to time.
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Yeah, a safety release/breakaway collar is great if you want to always have tags on your dog but minimize the risk of them choking if the collar gets caught in a crate, a branch (should they have yard access or get loose), a fence, or another dog's jaws. Which does happen. But they're definitely not meant to attach a lead to.

Sounds like you're doing well! You may find his recall improves as you build your relationship - it's hard for an environmentally focused dog to find a person they barely know and haven't bonded with valuable enough to leave a good sniff for. It may never be perfect because hounds are hounds and they're just hard-coded for the environment to be more important to them than their handler, but I bet you'll keep seeing improvement!
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