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Quick release buckles

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I fell down a little rabbit hole looking at personalized dog collars on Etsy, sigh. I want to order something for Rusty, and a quick release buckle seems like a good idea. How do those work? Rusty doesn't pull in general, but possums happen. Is a quick release buckle something that will pop open if he runs off after a critter or if I'm trying to restrain him from one? I use a harness for most of his walks, but the collar will get some use from time to time.
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This is a regular quick release buckle. On a good quality collar, it shouldn't come open of the dog hits the end of the leash. Now, on a cheap dollar store collar, all bets are off... I did have one that was given to me that I tossed after the second time it popped open (thankfully NOT with this dog). On the other hand, a safety buckle is designed to pop open when X amount of force is applied to it, and unless if has a safety feature of some sort to prevent that, shouldn't be used as a walking collar.

2013-2-28 Dogs 044 by Rosemary Elwell, on Flickr

Here, she is wearing a martingale along with her custom Cali Girl collar (absolutely loved that collar, butter soft from day one, and held up beautifully... this picture is after nearly five years of 24/7 wear). Properly adjusted, a martingale in pretty much escape proof.

2017-6-12 Ilka DSC_0645 #2 by Rosemary Elwell, on Flickr

I very rarely every use a regular buckle collar of any type for walking, because of the concern about them slipping it off and getting lost. Most of our walking is done in a martingale.
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