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Hi out there, up there, down there, or around the corner!

I'm new (obvious), I've never posted to any dog forum (hopefully not too obvious) save giving the dogs their dogster pages, but I am no stranger to forums in general. I live in Ontario on a nice sized hobby farm with horses and cows and chickens and such. I enjoyed reading RonE's sticky post in this forum regarding treatment of newbies, and could certainly feel where he was coming from. I hope not to break any eggs while I work my way into the swing of things here.

I have three lovely dog-kiddos:

Dax is a dalmation X 9 year old female and was born deaf as a doorknob. She's not having any issues.

Zev is a 7 year old female fawn doberman, and a total spaz but we love her. The acreage is great for her on the go personality. Her ADD is normal, so she's not really having any problems either.

And Spock is my 6 year old male black and tan doberboy. He is my shadow, my companion and the baby, and he is recovering from major surgery. He has never caused me any distress until he was in pain just 2 days ago. And now I'm off to ask for help with following his new dietary restrictions for a lifetime low residule, highly digestable diet. I hope that I pick the right place to ask my questions and that I get some great advice and suggestions back in return.

Thank you for the opportunity.
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