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Questions on adopting a labradoodle

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Hi everyone,

Me and my wife have been searching for a rescue to adopt in the last couple of weeks. I was able to speak a person who rescues animals and had a 4 year old male labradoodle available. She said the owner surrendered the labradoodle to her due to restrictions for dogs in a new apartment.

So she seems like she’s independent and not part of an organization. I searched her information and I saw that she has a lot of rescues. Apparently, the fire department in the city she lives in had referenced her when there were dogs displaced due to flooding.

However, she said that she didn’t have the information for shots for the labradoodle. I don't know if the owner had given it to her. However, she would give a 5 in 1 vaccine shot and she would chip him for me. She said I would need to go to the vet to get him neutered and get a rabies shot. Also, she said I should check to see what other shots the vet would recommend.

She’s also charging a $700 rehoming fee. She said it’s to help with expenses for the rescues she takes care of. I’m fine with that.

I wanted to ask if this is normal or does it seem like there’s red flags here? We’re going this weekend to see him so I wanted to ask if this seems normal and if there's anything I should look out for.
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Agreed with the others.

With that steep price, I would suspect dog flipping glorified as a "rescue". We have had a few of those around here over the years.

Some have just been really crummy "rescues" who think they are helping but didn't end up doing any real vet work on the dogs/no spay neuter, then selling to basically anyone without an application. Everything was a mess. Not good for the dogs at all. They had to shut down.

Some have been just people that take in random dogs, sometimes "strays" and ended up selling people's lost pets.. because profit.

Another I know of is legitimately connected to breeders and gets "high value" puppies on a regular basis for a cheap price.. and sells them for a higher price.

Then there's the extra awful ones that have legitimately stolen dogs straight out of yards and "re-homed" them as a "rescue person" in another area.

These kinds of things happen FAR more often than people know.. even among licensed rescues. So absolutely.. be suspicious. I've only seen that kind of price from legit licensed pure bred rescues that actually DO all the vet work and screen homes very carefully. I personally would not believe them and would find a legit rescue to work with.
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