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Ok, I know these things are controversial, and certainly not ideal, but I am seriously considering one.

I work at home, on the farm, and the dogs love to be outside with me when I work. We have around 7 acres of land and no fence. We're on a busy road where people drive like maniacs.
I have been working on recall with the girls and they're doing fairly well. Tessa, however, is still very excitable and gets distracted easily. Maggie is very independent and whenever she realizes that she (accidentally) got free, she will run for the hills.
Currently, I keep the girls tied up when I work. It's not ideal... they can't always be right near me, and I am constantly having to untangle their leashes.

So basically, I want to use the invisible fence as a safety backup, in addition to working on recall and rewarding the girls for staying near me.

For those of you who have used an invisible fence.... was it hard to set up? Did you actually have to bury the wires? Would "fencing" 7 acres be realistic?
Does it work well in very cold weather or under a big snow bank?
Most important... did it work well for you?
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