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Questions about Huskies and adopting in general

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Hello! First time poster. I found this forum while reading through different forums for advice. I am going to meet an Alaskan Husky tomorrow. He is three years old, and just doesn't want to be a sled dog. He lives with 5 other sled dogs, and he just doesn't want to pull. His current owner says he does good with cats and kids who are calm. What I'd like is any advice on either stuff to ask or to look for when I go see this dog. I have had huskies in the past (well a husky/malamute mix breed) and grew up with large dogs. Still, any advice is appreciated. Thanks. :D

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We adopted Casey as a puppy at the shelter. DNA test results show he is at least 75% siberian husky. He is now 9 months old. He is a great dog, but has tons of energy! I ditto what has already been said: don't have off-leash, loves to dig and chew, likes to chase things, etc.. Casey does well with our cats (well, he does like to chase them if they run...but he just licks them if he catches them). Casey is very smart, and has learned most commands well. The problem we still have with him is his pulling during walks- this dog wants to be a sled dog, lol!
What a cutie!!
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