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Questions about Huskies and adopting in general

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Hello! First time poster. I found this forum while reading through different forums for advice. I am going to meet an Alaskan Husky tomorrow. He is three years old, and just doesn't want to be a sled dog. He lives with 5 other sled dogs, and he just doesn't want to pull. His current owner says he does good with cats and kids who are calm. What I'd like is any advice on either stuff to ask or to look for when I go see this dog. I have had huskies in the past (well a husky/malamute mix breed) and grew up with large dogs. Still, any advice is appreciated. Thanks. :D

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Well an Alaskan husky is not really a breed, so what type of husky is it?

Siberian, Malamute?

If your taking about the type of Husky us Alaskans use, well that's a combination of dogs, usually husky/GSD/greyhound, etc..
You just answered your question... an Alaskan Husky is a type of Husky, such as the Showing,Standard,or Sprint-racing husky.
However, the alaskan husky is a gene pool in the fur, mixed with many breeds, even with wolves, however it's not considered a Hybrid.

The type of sled pulling dogs alaskans use is actually the Alaskan Husky, the preffered breed to pull sleds faster and with more endurance than Siberians. Alaskans are actually a spitz breed without GSD, most likely greyhound, foxhound, staghound, and even doberman(besides the Siberian Husky)

The main thing about Huskies is shedding! Not excersize:)
Having a husky tired is not difficult at all, they get exhausted over mental games instead of long walks.
The destructive part is true though... a bored husky is a furry demon.
''I will bite your shoes, pee your carpets, crap your sleepers, dig your garden, chew you to death, impersonate houidini'' that must be their memo:D

VERY EASY to train, they are a dream! However consistency is a must with huskies... you MUST use NILIF and Doggy zen on them, it will make your life easier with them. Always have them with a leash when outside, recall training must be practiced all his life, have it in the commands lists, but don't trust him offleash, his running instinct might be bigger than the will to please you.
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He is just too cute! and the name suits him well!
Feel free to ask me alot of things Husky related, i'll try to answer most of your questions:)

Oh, btw Pepper, i started reading further upon on Dog Mushing in Alaska, turns out some mushers use that mix you speak off, though it's not the most used dog type in alaska mushing.
Hower, i do admit, i was reffering only to Mushers who participate in the Yukon Quest, who preffer Alaskan Huskies and Siberians..

I know a guy who i met over some forums.. that says he can hook me up with past Yukon Quest racers... i'm dying to have a chat with them!:D
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