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Questions about Huskies and adopting in general

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Hello! First time poster. I found this forum while reading through different forums for advice. I am going to meet an Alaskan Husky tomorrow. He is three years old, and just doesn't want to be a sled dog. He lives with 5 other sled dogs, and he just doesn't want to pull. His current owner says he does good with cats and kids who are calm. What I'd like is any advice on either stuff to ask or to look for when I go see this dog. I have had huskies in the past (well a husky/malamute mix breed) and grew up with large dogs. Still, any advice is appreciated. Thanks. :D

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Well an Alaskan husky is not really a breed, so what type of husky is it?

Siberian, Malamute?

If your taking about the type of Husky us Alaskans use, well that's a combination of dogs, usually husky/GSD/greyhound, etc..

The main thing about huskies is they require a very large amount of exercise, and if not properly stimulated can be destructive, and well..bad haha.

They are very intelligent dogs also, so must be stimulated mentally with training and games.
The type of sled pulling dogs alaskans use is actually the Alaskan Husky, the preffered breed to pull sleds faster and with more endurance than Siberians. Alaskans are actually a spitz breed without GSD, most likely greyhound, foxhound, staghound, and even doberman(besides the Siberian Husky)
I don't agree with that. I live up here and am friends with many mushers so I would know what breeds they use. The most common mixes are HuskyxGSDxGreyhound mixes. Some people even mix st.bernard in. No musher I have ever met uses dobes or foxhounds.

No one really uses wolves in the mix either, that is more of the native population still relying on wolf/husky mixes to pull sleds, but most of those live in villages out of town, and actually rely more on snow machines than anything else.

Many of the mushers up here don't use a lot of wolf in the mix because wolves are rather large and they are going for smaller more compact dogs who can go faster, but still pull large amounts.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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