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Hi all!!

My question is, I *think* I forgot to give Willie his heart worm pill on the 11th of this month.....I had/have lots going on here. I always write on the calendar *gave* when I give it to him.......but I did not write it and can not for the life of me remember.....I called the vet to see if giving him another would hurt......they said it would not......but, I want to see if anyone else knows differently......Oh, and it doesn't do me any good to count the pills....I don't give year around......but will be starting I think......I had 2 left from last year....I think......I is bad when the mind doesn't remember.....:-(

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It shouldn't make a difference. When was the last time you gave him a pill? With ivermectin-based HW medicines, you can go as long as 45 days between pills without a loss of effectiveness.
That's the thing.....I COULD have gave him a pill on the 11th, or I could have NOT.....It is Interceptor.......That's why I am asking......If I DID give him one on the 11th, and to give another now......would that hurt him?

Thanks for replying!! :)
Hm, I looked up Interceptor's label information, and it says this:
"A rising-dose safety study conducted in roughcoated collies manifested a clinical reaction consisting of ataxia, pyrexia and periodic recumbency in one of fourteen dogs treated with milbemycin oxime at 12.5 mg/kg (25x monthly use rate). Prior to receiving the 12.5 mg/kg dose (25X monthly use rate) on day 56 of the study, all animals had undergone an exaggerated dosing regimen consisting of 2.5 mg/kg milbemycin oxime (5X monthly use rate) on day 0, followed by 5.0 mg/kg (10X monthly use rate) on day 14 and 10.0 mg/kg (20X monthly use rate) on day 32. No adverse reactions were observed in any of the collies treated with this regimen up through the 10.0 mg/kg (20X monthly use rate) dose."
In other words, they had to give the dogs 25 times the normal monthly dose before they got sick from it. So a second pill in a month shouldn't do any harm, like the vet said.
Thank-You for looking into it for me!!!! :) I will just give him one now.....and mark the calendar......:) Thanks again!!
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