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ok so my neigbors have always had many animals and always gets their dogs taken away by the dog warden and even had their horses taken away and now they have a siberian husky who probably hasn't been outside in almost a year and is confined to their very small back deck. is this illegal to the point where the dog warden can be called or what? they also have two other dogs that they let out everyday and let them run but nobody in my neighborhood has seen this dog outside in the grass for probably more than a year.
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I would call. The worst thing that could happen is that they say "you need more evidence of animal cruelty." But not calling, you don't know what could happen, maybe you'll save this Husky's life. I hate it when multiple offenders of animal cruelty keep getting animals. I mean isn't there a record on them or something!? These people shouldn't have animals!
People like this destroy me. My husky would be miserable if she was kept confined all the time. I think she would lose it.
Also kills me when an owner favors certain pets over others and will clearly neglect the one they don't favor.
Personally, I would call. Maybe if they keep getting called on somebody will do something. Maybe.
aww that is sad. It bothers me when people get dogs to lock up outside =(
Huskies are pack animals and need to be around their owners or other dogs.
I would call and file a complaint, BUT if the dog has access to food, water and shelter there is not much anyone can/will do.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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