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Question re: puppy

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I don't want this to end up about breeding or not breeding. I am just looking for information, possibly someone on the forum has had this happen. I had a puppy at around seven weeks, suddenly overnight went from running and playing to just lying there. I took her into the Vet, they ran every test they could and could not find anything so they gave me some antibiotics and I took her home. The next day she had a split alongside her rectum which continued to open up. I took her back to the Vet and she put her to sleep as she seemed to be in a lot of pain. She had no idea what it could be. About two years ago I had a pup that the same thing happened to and again I just had her put to sleep as the Vet could not figure out what it was and it just seemed to be a random thing as it had not happened since. I have looked up eveything I could think of on the Internet and can't find anything like this.

Nobody have any idea what it could be or what I could look up on the Internet to try and figure out what it could be? She was checked for Parvo, xrayed, ultra-sounded and nothing showed up. If it had been the one and only this happened to I would not be as concerned. The Vet did not think it was anything hereditary but since she did not know what it was, who knows? The mother of the last pup had to have a c-section so was spayed at the same time.
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Just want to check here... Are the pups you are talking about from the same bitch/line or were these two unrelated pups?
Yes, they were related. The mother of the first puppy is now retired and spayed. She had three litters and just the one puppy with this condition. The second puppy was from her daughter who had the c-section and is now spayed also. This was her second litter, her first litter she had five puppies with no problems at all. The puppies were by entirely different males, no relationship at all. As neither one of them is ever going to be bred, it is just a matter of curiosity on my part to know if anyone else has come across it. The Vet figured since I had had two with exactly the same symptoms that somewhere there had to be others.
Not to be crude, but do you have a male (person) living in the house with you or visiting during the time you had these two puppies? People can do strange, unthinkable things.

Was it a German Shepherd? Could it be anal furunculosis?


I mentioned that disease to the Vet as that was the only thing I could find that was even close to what I was seeing but she said it was definitely not that. These are Shih Tzu puppies so very small at 6 - 7 weeks. It came on so suddenly both times. The puppies were running and playing and acting normal, the next morning the puppy was lying curled up in a ball and not wanting to walk around. I had completely forgotten about the first puppy as it happened a couple of years ago. I took this puppy into the Vet and had to leave her there as they did all the tests. When I came back the Vet said she noticed a small tear alongside the rectum. It immediately hit me that it was like the other puppy. I explained what had happened with the first puppy, that it just kept opening up alongside the rectum until there was just a big hole there. She gave me some antibiotics and I took the puppy home but took it back in the next morning as it was way worse and had her put the puppy down as knowing what the first one did, I could not see putting the puppy through that as there was nothing to be done for it.

As to the other question, I am retired and live by myself and too old for men to be coming around.
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sounds a lot like what my puppy had when he was younger, but it was from raiding the bin and eating a chicken carcus, have you tried more than one vet, sometimes you need to literally shop around for the best vet,
Unfortunately there is only one Vet in our small town, the next nearest is about two hours each way. Now that the puppy has been put down, it would be hard to explain to someone who has not seen the puppy. The Vet that is here at our Vet clinic is a new Vet and really good. She was going to look into it as she was wanting to know what it was also. I don't know if she followed up or not. I just thought that maybe someone on here had come across the same thing.
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