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How many of you foster? And what was the most difficult dog you had?

I've fostered many dogs-not through a rescue-on my own with my own money-most where from family/friends/strangers. Here is my list:

litter of boxers--easy going fun loving goofy looking puppies--12 weeks old no training locked in basement--owner decided puppies where too much gave them to me--difficult to train but where extremely easy to place in homes

poodle--fostered for a rescue--he was un socialized due to being used in a puppy mill for breeding only--disliked men and cats--skittish with children(as i have 5 it was difficult to get him adjusted)--lady that runs rescue found him a home

1 1/2 yr old female pit--was bred back to back--beautiful loving friendly--hated men with facial hair??--smart, crate trained--when no longer produced enough pups they dumped her--found a home in the country

6 month old pit--beautiful red color with white blaze--again from a well meaning family member---she was abused neglected---easy to housebreak, good with kids--Dog aggressive(from being around two other adult male pits had to fight to eat)--went as the only dog to a lady who had previous pit bull experience

18 month old golden retriever--owner moving needed someone to place dog--hyperactive, marked area, was well taken care of, but NO manners--went to a home with a pit/lab mix(who is also hyper active and extremely playful)

THE **** HOUND---this was the dog from hell...no training...didnt know his name---peed on everything, barked at ceiling, grass, trees, leaves, kids, cats, rats...anything...had a trainer come look at him....lots of work needed(needless to say the lady that gave him up went and got a Shitzu the next day...she dumped him for another dog, and they have a pitbull too...). I found him a home with a couple who put his energy and eagerness to learn to work.

Litter of Pitbull puppies--owner bred his two dogs--realized it was too much work--stuck 8 puppies in one crate in a garage--NASTY is all that is needed to describe the scene when i got there--I purchased the whole litter from the guy--they where lost when they got here, didnt know what to make of the kitchen area--which i let them have full run off..another lady who rescues took 6 of the pups to help me with the cost

WHY do people breed then realize oh crap...its too much work?????? THen either toss the pups or dump them???
The same with sub adult/young adult dogs...they arent trained so lets dump them...you gotta train a dog...they dont just train themselves...god hope they dont have children or they are going to expect them to potty train themselves....-:mad:
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