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Question about strokes in dogs

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ABout two years ago when I met my husband, I started going on runs with his then 5 year old boxer, Remy. Remy really loved the runs and everyone was happy. However, we recently moved to an area that has had a very hot and humid summer. Remy is extremely sensitive to heat so we've always exercised precaution, making sure to hose him down with cold water before runs, which always take place at around 6am. We also only run him for a few blocks.

Today my husband noticed Remy acting like he had a mini stroke and now believes it's because he has been affected by running in the heat. We haven't run him in two days. So I'm wondering, is it possible that he is now experiencing continuous mild heat strokes?
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See a vet. Heat stroke doesn't manifest like a regular stroke. If you think there is something wrong with him, you need to see a vet because we can't diagnose something like that online. Boxers are prone to many problems. And a 7 yr old Boxer is getting up there in yrs.
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