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My dog Luna (12 yrs old 35 lbs Bully mix) has gone through surgery three times now, she developed a tumor three years ago on her gums called an Epulis. This was removed three years ago, but it returned bigger and smellier within a year, so we had it removed again. 9 months later, it has returned even BIGGER. Luna just had it removed for the third time yesterday, at least as much as they could remove, much of it is in her jaw bone. All biopsies have said that it is a Fibromatous Epulis and noncancerous. My vet recommended that she be on a routine anti inflammatory drug such as Rimadyl on a regular basis to try and slow this thing down. Next move would be to remove her jawbone.

Has anyone had any experience with Epulis? Anything holistically that I can do? (I was using turmeric and made her some doggie treats with it.... i gave them to her everyday, i stopped for a month to see if it was doing any good and her tumor exploded with growth) Will I just have to have Luna do surgery every year for this tumor? Please please, if you have experience with this let me know how your experience went, what you did, how long between surgeries etc.!!!!

Thank you so much!!
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