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Question about dogs and wild pigs....

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Hello, how's everyone this morning? Ok, here's the deal. I'm from Louisiana and I live way, way, way in the country. I have alot of acreage. We have a huge problem with wild hogs here. They have destroyed my pasture from rooting up the ground. I also see them when I go running, and as you know they can have a nasty disposition. I obviously don't want a dog to fight the hogs, that would be mean. I just want a dog that will perhaps be intimidating to them, and also a dog that wouldn't run away or sit idly by if I was being attacked by a wild animal, lol. Any breed suggestions or other advice would be greatly appreciated. I've had many, many dogs down through the years, just never one with protective tendencies, so I'm lacking knowledge about these kinds of dogs. And, also, I don't want the dog ONLY for this purpose, I love dogs and don't have one now and wanted one anyway.
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A hog is not going to be intimidated by a dog, if anything they will go after the dog just like they will people. They fight back when the dogs go to catch them. You will need a gun to protect yourself and your dog. When dogs hunt hogs it is the human which kills the hogs, the dogs can only hold the hog so long. So if you encounter a wild hog randomly a dog might die. Especially as I wouldn't imagine they would be walking around with a cut vest 24/7.

Breeds that make good catch dogs, if you go that route as its plenty of meat to last a good while. To name a few......
American Pit Bull Terrier
American Bulldog
Dogo Argentino
Catahoula Leopard Dog can hunt and catch and their are some crossed with bulldog also for the purpose of catch

Perhaps you can also rent some of your property to hunters? I know people which do this, works out great for both parties.
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