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Question about dogs and wild pigs....

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Hello, how's everyone this morning? Ok, here's the deal. I'm from Louisiana and I live way, way, way in the country. I have alot of acreage. We have a huge problem with wild hogs here. They have destroyed my pasture from rooting up the ground. I also see them when I go running, and as you know they can have a nasty disposition. I obviously don't want a dog to fight the hogs, that would be mean. I just want a dog that will perhaps be intimidating to them, and also a dog that wouldn't run away or sit idly by if I was being attacked by a wild animal, lol. Any breed suggestions or other advice would be greatly appreciated. I've had many, many dogs down through the years, just never one with protective tendencies, so I'm lacking knowledge about these kinds of dogs. And, also, I don't want the dog ONLY for this purpose, I love dogs and don't have one now and wanted one anyway.
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Unfortunately, pigs aren't intimidated by much. Not running away or sitting by will generally get a dog killed when faced with hogs- and generally hogs won't attack a person unless you're dumb enough to mess with them on foot and alone. ;p

If you want to get rid of them, best bet is trapping and/or hiring someone to hunt them. Dogs won't do squat, and they get hurt if they try on their own- you need a whole group, and even then, dogs DO get hurt, sometimes badly.

We've had a feral hog problem for years at the farm (in Central TX). We have MUCH better luck just trapping and removing them than having anyone in to hunt.
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