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Question about dogs and wild pigs....

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Hello, how's everyone this morning? Ok, here's the deal. I'm from Louisiana and I live way, way, way in the country. I have alot of acreage. We have a huge problem with wild hogs here. They have destroyed my pasture from rooting up the ground. I also see them when I go running, and as you know they can have a nasty disposition. I obviously don't want a dog to fight the hogs, that would be mean. I just want a dog that will perhaps be intimidating to them, and also a dog that wouldn't run away or sit idly by if I was being attacked by a wild animal, lol. Any breed suggestions or other advice would be greatly appreciated. I've had many, many dogs down through the years, just never one with protective tendencies, so I'm lacking knowledge about these kinds of dogs. And, also, I don't want the dog ONLY for this purpose, I love dogs and don't have one now and wanted one anyway.
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This is not a problem we have in the New York suburbs, so take my suggestions for what they are worth. Feral pigs are a huge problem because swine are intelligent, adaptable, stubborn, and capable of prolific breeding. They will not abandon an area unless they are pressed very hard. Even when hunted hard, they tend to become exclusively nocturnal. A barking dog will not run them off very far, or for very long.

If you want a dog to merely harass, hector, and generally worry pigs, one of the herding breeds (Heelers, Aussie Sheps, Border collies) would be a good choice. I think you could count on one of those guys to turn a charging sow or hog.

If you determine that thinning the herd is the way to go, a Jagdterrier (or two), or a Decker Terrier (or two) would be a good option.

But like Norway Rats and Coyotes, there doesn't seem to be any way to permanently eliminate these pests. If you rid your property of swine, they will migrate back from adjoining properties. If you have neighbors who supplement their incomes with pay-to-play hog hunting, you can forget about seeing an end to it. They may keep releasing domestic swine to keep populations up.
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If you get a Ridgeback, you may want to get a horse so you can keep up with him. If you go with a breed that hunts hogs (whether a bay dog or a catch dog) you have to figure out what to do with an angry pig when the chase reaches its logical conclusion.

People who employ dogs to hunt feral pigs expect to have dogs injured, and even killed. I think the feral pig's reputation is somewhat exaggerated, but they can give a good account of themselves when cornered or when defending their young. Hell, a mama squirrel can be quite fierce when defending her babies.
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