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question about dog training club.

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Ok so i was talking to a friend and apparently just under an hour from me is a dog training club. I know weird right, in the middle of nowhere is a training club. well i rang up the coordinator and she said there's about 42 people there at the moment in all levels....so i asked her about prices and everything was reasonable, and then she mentioned something about, how all dogs must wear a black dog halti or something, which will be provided for a fee by the club...i asked her if it was optional and she said no....why would this be....what is a halti, i thought collars were good enough...i'll be taking my bcxkelpie and just want to know if it's worth it.
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i use a Halti on all my kids....it, IMO, is better than a collar since it doesn't hurt the neck/throat....it works in the same manner as a halter on a horse--where the head goes, the body must follow....here's a pic of them on my kids (i put the "gems" on the 2 so i know the difference between them all, since the head piece is different for each)

it takes some getting used to for the dog and you have to learn the best way to use them yourself (you can't give the "tug/release" like w/ a collar, it's a gentle guiding of the head/body)....and some dogs just flat out refuse to get used to them...
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